What Type of Fit Are You?

What Type of Fit Are You?

Hello everyone!! I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

Today I spent a majority of my day on the couch haha. I watched Horrible Bosses, read blogs, updated mine a bit, and watched some tv. The fresh snow on the ground really made me just want to bundle up and relax, so that’s exactly what I did!

I also browsed through a bunch of the “Photography 101” posts on Ashley’s blog The Edible Perspective. These posts are SO incredibly informative and helpful. I bookmarked them so that I can really start to learn how to work my DSLR camera 🙂 .

While reading these posts, I decided to take a few pictures of my engagement ring with my camera in manual mode, and I actually think they turned out fairly well!

In this one the center diamond isn’t very clear, but I still like the pic!


The other day I was thinking about how amazing all of my fellow FitFluential ambassadors are and it got me to thinking about something- how we are all physically “fit”, but in completely different ways! I think that’s awesome.

Being fit is not something that is one size fits all. If it were then we’d either all be fit enough to run a marathon but not to participate in Cross-fit, or we’d be fit enough to do some intense hot yoga but not enough to complete a tabata workout. Thank goodness that isn’t the case. We are all unique so it only makes sense that we are fit in different ways and our bodies are “fit” for different styles of exercise.

I discussed with Personal Trainer Shoreditch the different types of fitness and we came up with the below list.

Some of the different types of fitness are (source):

Stamina: a combo of cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance
Cardio-respiratory endurance: the ability of your body to supply oxygen to your muscles so they can perform for long and steady state activities- like a half marathon
Muscular endurance: the ability of a muscle or muscle group to perform for a longer period of time; higher reps and lower weight
Strength: the greatest amount of force a muscle can produce; low reps and high weight
Speed: how quickly our muscles can move our joints
Flexibility: the ability to lengthen muscles so they can move our joints in a large range of motion
Power: a combination of strength and speed; allows your body to produce an explosive effort
I see myself as physically fit in several of the above areas. That makes sense because I don’t exercise and train in one particular way. I like to lift weights, do steady-state cardio, complete interval workouts, and do plyometrics. I may not be as fit as others in these areas, but for me and my personal goals, I am fit enough to complete workouts that I consider hard and yet still find them challenging enough that I have to push myself. And that in itself is what being fit is for me.

Everyone can be fit. You don’t have to be a marathoner or a power lifter. You have to find what works for you and makes you happy and then focus on that. Then you will be able to develop the skills necessary to become fit enough for your physical goals!


What type of “fit” do you consider yourself to be?

How have you gotten there?

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